Zoe Reddy with her smart identity art project
The Hague-based artist Zoe Reddy with her smart identity art project
Zoe Reddy with her smart identity art project
The Hague-based artist Zoe Reddy with her Epic Soundwall art project
Irish-Australian artist Zoe Reddy with her Epic Soundwall art video project
Zoe Reddy with her Epic Soundwall art video

About Zoe

Zoe Kate Reddy is an artist, musician, educator and cultural project manager based in the Hague. Her practice focuses on music, video, multi media performance and installation works. Zoe also utilises photography, drawing and painting (both analogue and digital), often combining these to create multi layered installations and projects.

As a visual artist, Zoe's work explores themes of identity; the impact of digital culture and the intersection of art and music.

As an educator Zoe focuses on combining multi media and digital tools with creative disciplines to create unique learning experiences for a variety of age groups. 

As a musician Zoe creates electronic compositions with field recordings and vocals that tell stories and flirt with a variety of eletronic music genres.

Educational projects

As an educator Zoe focuses on the creative use of digital and media tools for educational projects (in both Dutch and English). Zoe develops workshops and projects exploring interactive installation design for a variety of age groups. Zoe works for several organizations and festivals as educational coordinator, developing new workshops, projects and experiences.

Selection artistic projects


  • MACHINE project, various locations and online video's
  • Diamond DJ: 10 years after, performance and installation, Rotterdam
  • Alkaloid portrait project, part two, Den Haag
  • Shitcluster performance, Den Haag
  • 'Video Fingerprints' second installation, Flex college, Den Haag (permanent)


  • The internet of identities, performance and installation, Utrecht 
  • Alkaloid portrait project, part one, Den Haag
  • Video Fingerprints project, first installation, Flex college, Den Haag


  • 'That's radical man' video for 'Radicalism' exhibition, Pakhuis de Zweiger, Leiden
  • 'From here it looks clear' video work for exhibition in Stichting KunstWerkt, Schiedam
  • 'De beeldtaal talk show' interactive video installation and workshop for event, Prinsenkwartier, Delft (ongoing)


  • 'The Epic Soundwall' video and installation, De Besturing, Den Haag


  • 'Studio Vs Lab' video and performance for exhibition and events, Prinsenkwartier and Kadmium, Delft


  • 'The Soybean wife' exhibition and performance, Havenmuseum, Rotterdam
  • 'Sound and vision lab', interactive installation, Lijm en Cultuur, Delft
  • Nomad Library, contributing artist, GEMAK, Den Haag
  • 'Hair forever' performance and installation for Blikopener festival, Delft


  • 'Ransom note office' interactive performance for museumnacht, Delft
  • 'An introduction to curatorship' performance for HOOGTIJ, Nutshuis, Den Haag
  • 'EYE PAD' Performance WORM, Rotterdam


  • 'Left, Said, Did' exhibition, UHM, Den Haag
  • 'Marilyn Monroe' performance Korzo theatre, Den Haag (Cinetoko event)
  • 'Marilyn Monroe' performance Gallery Nest, Den Haag (museumnacht event)
  • 'Marlene Dietrich' performance 1646, Den Haag (Zoldermuseum Amsterdam event)
  • 'The solo show' Movies that matter festival: Spui Theatre, Den Haag


  • 'Diamond DJ' Performance and exhibition, AB4 Den Haag
  • MAR Graduation: KABK, Den Haag
  • Forever: Quartair, Den Haag
  • 'The Stage' video installation, exhibition 'The Researchers present: Heavy on the institution', KABK, Den Haag
  • 'Kunst Karaoke choir' group performance 330live, Den Haag
  • 'The Curator' performance Quartair, Den Haag
  • 'Diamond DJ' performance for Mashup event, KABK, Den Haag


  • Now or Never: GEM Museum, Den Haag
  • 'Silver singing soldier' installation, Best of the graduates exhibition, KABK, Den Haag
  • The Researchers present: The Kick Off’: TAG project space, Den Haag
  • 'Interview conversation'  performance, Filmhuis, Den Haag (Hoogtij event)
  • ‘exist-ence’ Wolfart project space, Rotterdam(Performance together with Peter Baren for PAE 2010)
  • 'Lady Bike' performance Mediamatic, Amsterdam
  • The New Grey Whistle Test:' Video, performance, event, Zaal 5, Filmhuis, Den Haag
  • 'Acting Aloud', performance, TAG workspace, Den Haag
  • 'Floors Dream' Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven (Performance piece by Maria Pask)
  • 'Reddy Gold: NOW OR NEVER' performance and video, GEM (Museum for contemporary art) Den Haag


  • 'OLD IRISH BOWIE' exhibition and performance for the group show 'Good shit, Bad habits and Loose women' 1646, Den Haag
  • 'The Ritual' performance and installation, ‘Oh my God, if I’m in a group show no-one will know who I am’ exhibition, RAC Hallen, Den Haag


  • 'The collage library', installation, interactive performance and publication, The Battle of Art: Dialogue of culture: Academy Building B3,Berlitz-Heilstätten,Germany

Selected cultural and educational projects

Educational coorindator for:

Rewire festival

Boekids festival

Nederlands Film Festival (mbo workshop social media stories)


Educational advisor for:

Cultuurshakel Den Haag

KOO Den Haag

Cultuurhelden Delft

DOK Delft


Curatorial work:


'Modern Forms' exibition Kadmium Delft


'The Refused Academy'  exhibition Kadmium Delft


People in movement, V4T Program, exhibition Scheltema, Leiden

'In Uit Sluiten', exhibition Kadmium Delft


'LOUD!'  exhibition Moose, Den Haag

'Gaze at Me' exhibition Kadmium, Delft


'Lines of the Self', exhibition Kadmium Delft


'Time Body Viewer' exhibition Kadmium Delft


State X New Forms, visual program and exhibition multiple locations, Den Haag


State X New Forms, visual program and exhibition, multiple locations, Den Haag